The Church Grants team works with some of the most amazing churches and Christian organisations in the UK, and we are dedicated to helping you find sources that you won't find anywhere else.

Church Grants is run by Matthew Lagden and Andrew Clark, fundraisers with many years' experience of raising funds for churches.

They have worked successfully with dozens of churches (and three cathedrals!) across England and Wales, ranging from historic rural churches to modern inner-city churches. They have raised funds for church building projects, social justice work, and educational projects. In total they have raised well over £8 million through applications to trusts and foundations.

Through their work they realised that many of the churches that approached them for help didn't need assistance with fundraising (many churches are expert at fundraising!), they simply needed help finding the right funds to apply to. They knew that the smaller local trusts and foundations would be incredibly hard and time consuming to find through the usual grant search engines.

They began to keep lists of trusts and foundations that provide financial support to brilliant churches and organisations just like yours. These lists have now grown into what you see and can use today - the Church Grants database.

The emphasis on this site is local funders, although we do have details for all the big national funders as well. In most cases the chances of success are much higher when a church applies to a local funder, the application processes are much easier, and in many cases (particularly with smaller projects), a small number of tightly focussed applications to local funders will raise the money required.

We also offer an annual subscription service, which is available to Dioceses and gives them and their churches unlimited access to the site.

We hope you will join the hundreds of churches across the UK who have raised the money they need by starting with a search on Church Grants.